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Simple Payments

Experience seamless crypto purchases with instant PayID, VISA, GooglePay, ApplePay & Bank Deposits.

Proudly Australian

Join 14,000+ Australians embracing genuine crypto ownership. Make the switch today!

Self Custody Safety

Experience true ownership with our self custody approach: Your crypto directly to your wallet, no detours!

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Simple Payments

Experience hassle free trading with our straightforward payment system.

Proudly Australian

As Australia's premier non-custodial crypto exchange, we're committed to transparency.

Self Custody Safety

Empower yourself with the safety of self custody, retain full control of your digital assets.

How to get started

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Sign up and verify your Elbaite account to gain access to our trading platform.

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Explore Elbaite, including our Marketplace, Express Buy and Express Swap.

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Once your trade is completed, you will receive your crypto directly to your wallet.

Elbaite's Features

Express Buy

Buy crypto with your card instantly, and have it delivered directly to your own wallet. Pay with Visa, ApplePay & GooglePay.

Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell crypto, directly with other users. Trading on the exchange means you trade directly from your own wallet.

Express Swap

Simply exchange the cryptocurrency in your wallet. Your swapped crypto will arrive directly to you. The safest way to swap your crypto.

What features does Elbaite have?

Crypto Exchange

Elbaite's exchange allows you to buy and sell crypto, directly from other users. Trading on the exchange means you trade directly from your own wallet, making it as secure as possible.

Express Buy

Express Buy allows you to buy crypto with your card instantly, and have it delivered directly to your own wallet. Simple, secure and fast.

Express Swap

Express Swap simplifies the way you exchange cryptocurrencies. It allows you to convert crypto between different blockchains swiftly and directly from your wallet.

Why Choose Elbaite?

Transparent Fees

We have a 1% flat fee on purchases and no fees on selling. No hidden surprises, just transparency.

Your Keys, Your Crypto

Elbaite allows you to maintain full control over your wallet and will never ask for your private keys.

Australian Roots

Elbaite is Australian-owned and operated, bringing the best parts of self custody to the Australian crypto community.

Dive Into the Bitcoin Halving

Countdown to and learn about one of the defining moments in the world of cryptocurrency


Self-Custody Crypto

In the world of cryptocurrency, self-custody signifies direct ownership and control over your digital assets. Unlike other centralised exchanges, Elbaite employs this self-custody model, ensuring our customers hold exclusive access to their private keys and crypto-assets.

Complete Ownership

Self-custody mitigates third party risk, meaning you have full control over your digital assets. Just you, your crypto, and peace of mind.

Enhanced Security

Elbaite’s non-custodial model means we never hold your crypto, removing counterparty risk and making us a secure Australian crypto exchange.

Financial Independence

Embrace true financial independence through self-managing your digital assets, free from a bank or financial institution.

Learn with Elbaite

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to keep crypto in a wallet or exchange?
It is safer to keep crypto in your own crypto wallet. Remember, not your keys, not your crypto! Elbaite has adopted a unique approach to creating a safe and secure trading environment for traders looking to buy crypto. When traders use our Australian crypto exchange, they have full control and access to their tokens at all times, as Elbaite does not hold onto any cryptocurrency during the transaction process.We also provide a better and safe experience for traders by first verifying a seller's crypto transfer via the Blockchain (TxHash) before releasing a buyer's transferred funds to the seller. Traders can then hold their crypto in any wallet of their choosing and experience no withdrawal fees.
Which crypto exchange is the best in Australia?
While there are many popular Australian crypto exchange markets out there, no one is as passionate about cryptocurrency as the team at Elbaite. As a non-custodial exchange, we do not hold your cryptocurrencies and allow you to unlock financial freedom via our secure platform. Unlike other crypto exchanges, we offer traders the freedom to use any crypto wallet to conduct trades, giving them more control over their digital assets.We want to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption, so we've worked hard to develop one of the most secure platforms. We are also an Australian-owned and operated platform with access to various cryptocurrencies in our marketplace.
Are cryptocurrency and blockchain the same thing?
No, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies you can use to make online transactions. Blockchain is the decentralised platform that facilitates transactions between traders.
What kind of wallet do I need to receive my assets?
Currently all cryptocurrencies available on Elbaite are on the Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchain, which means that any Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet which you own the private keys can be used. This could be a web wallet, mobile wallet, or hardware wallet. See below for our recommended list of wallets to use.

Recommended Wallets - These are our favourite Ethereum wallets but you can use any compatible Ethereum wallet you prefer:

- MyEtherWallet (MEW)
- MetaMask
- Trezor Hardware Wallet
- Ledger Hardware Wallet
What are the possible payment methods?
Elbaite currently offers the following payment options: PayID, OSKO and BSB & Account Number.

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"Using elbaite was seamless and completely secure. Security is very important to me so I am glad I found the right platform for this"

Damian - Elbaite Customer

"A clean and simple process to buy crypto, without the clutter of promotions, and prizes, and give-aways filling my mailbox "

Andre - Elbaite Customer

Self Custody crypto is made easy with Elbaite. Start your journey today.