With over 4.6 million Aussies navigating and investing in the future of finance, how will crypto shape your future?

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Dogecoin (DOGE)

A financial renaissance changing the way the world views finance, available anywhere with the internet, from Earth to outer space.

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Find out how your cohort uses crypto in Australia

Under 30s

Put money where your heart is and make eco conscious investments for not just your future.
Attend a live concert or enjoy a night out in a city filled with neon lights.
Make decisions and help shape companies like never before with governance tokens.

Between 30-55

Change your investment strategy quickly with zero latency.
Mitigate risk through the use of swapping tools
Begin building an investment fund for your child.

Over 55

Avoid the ongoing managemnt fees of traditional ETFs.
Liquidity access on demand, ready for your retirement.
Global access to manage your investments wherever you are.

Invest in Your Future

Whether it's planning for retirement or saving for future goals, crypto offers a unique and exciting opportunity to invest in one of the fastest-growing industries.

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Imagine a day powered by crypto—from your morning coffee to your online subscriptions. Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing how we shop, pay, and engage with the economy daily.

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"Made investing in crypto super simple and the support team was friendly. Overall great experience."


"Really impressed with Elbaite. Easy to navigate and trades are quick and secure. Loving it so far"


"I love Elbaite! Not only is the integrity and ethics refreshing from the 2 sibling founders but the concepts behind its creation to ensure the owner keeps sovereignty of their money at a time and space of so much theft, but it’s a simple site to use and i know i can trust them with my funds because they do not hold them. I do. great concept!"


"Really user friendly and great customer support! Bought my first crypto with Elbaite!"


"Trading with Elbaite has been a great experience. The platform is user-friendly and transactions are processed quickly. I highly recommend Elbaite for anyone interested in a reliable and safe cryptocurrency trading platform."


"Have had a great experience with Elbaite.User friendly and low fees, exactly what I was looking for!"


"Excellent onboarding experience and 10/10 for user friendliness. Customer service team has been very helpful throughout the process."


"Fantastic experience with the team at Elbaite. Smooth service, transactions are quick and customer support is top-notch. Highly recommend for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrency safely and efficiently."


"Great service, very user friendly staff. Highly recommend."


Simple, Regulated and Secure Since 2017

Your Security is Our Priority

Protecting your digital assets is always front of mind for us. We build our products from the ground up with security being the most important factor.

All Elbaite products are built with your security as priority

Compliant and regulated by AUSTRAC

Industry leading security features

Multi Factor Authentication

Beginner friendly and veteran friendly features

Highly experienced team in crypto since 2013

Curated list of assets that are secure and trusted

Trusted by industry leaders and partners

A graphic showcasing Elbaite's crypto vault feature, including the robust security aspect of the vault being shown as a fortress.A graphic showcasing Elbaite's crypto explore and discover features.
A graphic showcasing Elbaite's crypto vault feature, including the robust security aspect of the vault being shown as a fortress.
Your Digital Asset Fortress

The Crypto Vault

Designed to be super easy and incredibly secure, the crypto vault makes protecting your digital assets a breeze.

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Fast & Perfect For Beginners

Quick Buy & Sell

Jump into the crypto market in just a few clicks - deposit your cash and have your crypto vaulted instantly.

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A graphic showcasing Elbaite's crypto explore and discover features.
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