Beginner Friendly

The Crypto Vault

You'll never have to worry about the security of your crypto again. The Crypto Vault ensures your assets stay safe by only allowing AUD transactions in and out of the vault. This lets you focus on learning about crypto and discovering new investment opportunities while we handle the security.

Secure Transactions

Your crypto assets are safeguarded by allowing only AUD transactions in and out of the vault. This minimizes risks and ensures your investments remain protected.

Beginner Friendly

The Crypto Vault simplifies cryptocurrency management, making it perfect for beginners. No need to handle complex wallet addresses or private keys.

Instant AUD

Enjoy fast and reliable AUD deposits and withdrawals with verified bank accounts. Ability to move your funds quickly to capitalize on market opportunities.

Effortless Trading with Quick Buy & Sell

Our Quick Buy & Sell widget allows you to easily trade cryptocurrencies using your deposited AUD. Experience seamless and straightforward trading.

Simple Portfolio Tracking

Monitor your investments and track performance effortlessly. The vault's dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of your crypto portfolio.

Why use Elbaite?

Since 2017 Elbaite has built products for Australians with a focus on security and simplicity.

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Create your free vault and start trading today

How to use your vault

Our state of the art security is paired with simplicity to make getting started easy. Within minutes, you'll be ready to invest in your future.


Create Your Free Vault

Set up your Elbaite account and verify your identity in just a few minutes. Keep your phone handy to speed up the process.


Deposit AUD into your Elbaite account

Link your bank account to fund your Elbaite account.
Your linked bank account will be used for both depositing and withdrawing AUD. The first deposit may be held by your bank account for their own verification.


Use Quick Buy & Sell

With AUD in your account, you're ready to trade. Use our Quick Buy & Sell widget on your dashboard to select the crypto you want to buy or sell. All transactions go directly to or from your vault.


Crypto Arrives in Your Vault

After completing a trade, your AUD balance decreases and your vault balance increases. View a snapshot of your vault on the dashboard or dive deeper into your assets on the vault specific page.


Monitor Your Portfolio

Track your crypto investments over time by logging in daily. The vault page provides a detailed breakdown of your portfolio, while the explore page helps you find new opportunities.

Vault FAQ

What is the Crypto Vault and how does it work?

The Crypto Vault is a secure storage solution that only allows AUD transactions in and out. This ensures your crypto assets remain safe and simplifies the process of managing and trading cryptocurrency.

Can I send and receive cryptocurrency directly from my Crypto Vault?

No, the Crypto Vault is designed to ensure maximum security by only allowing AUD transactions in and out. This means you cannot send or receive cryptocurrency directly from the vault. Instead, you can trade cryptocurrencies using your AUD balance through our Quick Buy & Sell widget, which simplifies the process and enhances security.

Who is the Crypto Vault best suited for?

The Crypto Vault is ideal for beginners and anyone looking to simplify their cryptocurrency experience. It's perfect for those who want to invest in crypto without worrying about managing complex wallet addresses or private keys. Additionally, if you prioritize security and prefer dealing with AUD transactions only, the Crypto Vault offers a straightforward and secure solution for trading and holding cryptocurrency.

How do I deposit AUD into my vault?

To deposit AUD, link your bank account to your Elbaite account. This account will be used for both depositing and withdrawing AUD. Once linked, you can transfer funds quickly and securely.

How does the Crypto Vault ensure the security of my assets?

Our Crypto Vault uses advanced security technologies to protect your assets. By limiting transactions to AUD only, we minimize the risks associated with handling multiple cryptocurrencies and addresses, providing a straightforward and secure experience.

What happens if I need to withdraw my AUD?

Withdrawing your AUD is simple and instant with a verified bank account. You can quickly transfer your funds from your vault back to your linked bank account, allowing you to access your money whenever you need it.

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